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Environmental Monitoring Systems

Our business philosophy:
Planning, installing, extending, maintaining, operating and integrating existing installations into a regional, national or international monitoring network(s) is always done within with a close study and in close co-operation the client.
Especially the needs and requests from local environmental authorities as well as meteorological services and other key factors are taken into account to

find the best possible locations for monitoring sites as well the definition of necessary parameters to monitor on each site (for online Air-, Water- or Soil monitoring as well as laboratory analysis).


find the best suitable type of (online & real-time) data communication

define the most effective ways for publication of monitoring results (Internet, SMS, data displays, and others)

This study also results in detailed specifications for local partners to build the necessary infra-structure such as foundations, monitoring containments, power supply, communication network, data displays as well as the configuration of the regional centers and the main center. Also the monitoring equipment is defined by the study.
As a consequence the study also shows costs for

costs for implementation of all system components selected

costs for running operation (such as personnel, power supply, communication) and maintenance on a longer term

possible income opportunities

and completes this way the basis for the national environmental authority for a decision on implementation.

Once the definitions of technical details and financing are completes, delivery and installation of monitoring system commences and training begins.
We do understand our service in this field clearly as

Training on the job includes also all installation procedures, not just running and maintaining the system. This will ensure best practice and optimum monitoring results

continuous service, support as well as supply of spare parts and consumables over the life time of the equipment

Operation of the system in close cooperation with the client if requested

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